Dynamic Video Campaigns for X.com (Twitter)

Increase your customer base on X.com with a new type of video campaign.

X.com is prioritizing Video

Ever since Elon took over what’s now known as X.com he’s been incredibly vocal about turning it into a video first platform.

The Algorithm is boosting accounts that share high-quality video but the problem is…

high-quality, branded video content is expensive and time consuming.

With animations you either have to whip out stock footage-y, slideshow type videos from mass market products, or pay top dollar to creative houses every single time you want to add video to a tweet.

The solution is custom, high-end video templates that can be modified via a webform

We enabled our creative house with a tech boost.

Now, our top-notch animations that have helped to raise over $1 billion in the Web3 space can be turned into re-usable, private templates that you can modify via a webform to create 100s of variations.

A New Type of Campaign

Efficient, high end video, not only allows you to produce more quality content, it also enables new types of strategies and campaigns.

Brands that use this first are going to cash in before it becomes the norm. 

We’ve already deployed one strategy with an early alpha client and they saw a 450% increase in dApp TVL AND generated a mountain of tweets from other accounts extolling their product.

Sounds crazy, but once we explain how we can implement it for your brand it will make sense.  

If you want to be one of the early adopters of dynamic videos, and run a new type of twitter video campaign send us an email and we’ll set up a time for a free creative consultation.