Blockchain Video Marketing

Explainer videos for blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO’s, & more.

Working With Today’s Top Protocols

Our videos were front & center for Coinlist’s biggest launch in history (Casper Labs: $62 Million), Polkadots first crowdloan (Acala: $1.3 Billion), and the launch of Sotheby’s Metaverse. 

We’ve helped Chainlink navigate virtual events during Covid, & Ampleforth explain rebasing to the world.

We’re the best blockchain video marketers and we want to partner with the best blockchain projects.

Videos typically take 3 – 6 weeks.


Need to explain your web3 protocol? Tired of excellent marketers who know NOTHING about blockchain?

That’s where we come in.

Crypto Native Creatives

I’m Mark, the founder of Peer Through. Storytelling, filmmaking, & creativity have been my passion since day 1, but I first fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2016.

I instantly felt it was the wave of the future & wanted to utilize my skill set to help usher in the new world.

Knowing how powerful video is as a sales tool, I sent out a fun video and landed a job at ConsenSys.

I was there for 3 years and my first big win was a token launch video for Grid+. I then built out a team and we went on to tell the stories for hundreds of projects, developer tools & consumer dapps.

Storytellers, Artists & Degens

We don’t just want to explain your project.  We want to use it too.

Since the days of single collateral DAI, we’ve been tinkering with MakerDAO CDPs & selling cartoons as NFTs.

Today, we’re yield farming across multiple chains, voting in DAOs, and flipping JPEGs.

With our team, you’ll get more than a beautiful video. You’ll get a group of crypto native marketers who can help you refine and articulate your niche within web3.

If you’re working on something interesting, we’d love to tell your story.